The Task Management category enables you to control the task management aspects of Oracle Beehive's Time Management Services. For more information about Time Management Services, refer to the section "Time Management Services" in the module "Oracle Beehive Services" in Oracle Beehive Concepts.

A TODO represents an action item. It contains fields with which you may specify its start date, end date, due date, priority, and percentage completed.

An Assignment represents a participant assigned to a particular TODO. An assignment is created for every participant of a TODO.

A task is an action item with assigned participants. In a Time Management Services client, a task represents a TODO to which a particular user has been assigned. The Task resource represents both TODOs and assignments. If the member AssignmentOnly is true, then the Task is an invitation.

The TaskList resource is a container for assignments and TODOs.

Working with Task

The task artifact represents a personal task, or a task being assigned to a participant.

The BDK does not allow you to assign a task to another participant; however, the BDK exposes task assignments created from calendar clients. If the attribute AssignmentOnly is true, then only the attribute with the prefix Assignee may be updated. If AssgnmentOnly is false, then this artifact represents the main artifact of the TODO and modifications to the common attributes are propagated to each of the assignees copy of the task.

A TaskList may only contain a Task; you may not add a Task to a team workspace, for example. However, a team workspace may be an assignee of a Task. Unlike invitations, TaskLists do not have an enrollment list associated with them. This means that members of the team workspace do not become assignees of the Task.