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This class represents a stored entity on the platform. Typically, this can be equated to a file, although no guarantee is made as to the storage mechanism or implementation. The storage lifetime of a resource is until it is deleted, either by the application or by the user. Therefore, data saved during one run of an application should be available upon the next run; this is not considered a cache storage mechanism.

The maxLength of a resource can be set, although the resultant value may differ from what was requested. Maximum sizes are governed by platform limits as well as available storage space.

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Profile: common

Variable Summary

accessnametypeCan ReadCan InitCan WriteDefault Valuedescription
public-read protectedlengthLongsubclasssubclass

The current size of the resource in bytes.


The maximum size of the resource, in bytes.

The maximum size of the resource, in bytes. Use this variable to adjust the maximum size allowable for this individual resource.

public-read protectednameStringsubclasssubclass

The base name of resource.

The base name of resource. Note that no path information is available from this object.

public-read protectedreadableBooleansubclasssubclass

Indicates whether reading from the resource is allowed.

public-read protectedwritableBooleansubclasssubclass

Indicates whether writing to the resource is allowed.

Inherited Variables

Function Summary

public openInputStream() :

Opens an InputStream from the resource

Opens an InputStream from the resource

an InputStream for the Resource.
public openOutputStream(overwrite: Boolean) :

Opens an OutputStream to the resource.

Opens an OutputStream to the resource. The amount of data that can be written to the stream may be restricted.

Whether to overwrite existing data, if any, as opposed to appending to existing data.
An OutputStream for the Resource.

Inherited Functions