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Profile: desktop, common


An event which indicates that the underlying input method notifies its text change in a Node.

This event is delivered to the Node object that extends TextInput, when the text under composition (composed text) is generated/changed/removed, the input method commits the result text, or the input method caret position changes.

On receiving this event, the application is supposed to display the composed text with any visual feedback attributes to the user.

Note: this is a conditional feature. See ConditionalFeature.INPUT_METHOD for more information.

Profile: common conditional input_method

Variable Summary

accessnametypeCan ReadCan InitCan WriteDefault Valuedescription

The input method caret position within the composed text.

The input method caret position within the composed text. If the position is -1, the caret should be invisible.


Profile: common conditional input_method

public-readcommittedStringempty string

The text that is committed by the input method as the result of the composition.


The text under composition.

The text under composition. This text should be displayed with the appropriate visual feedback that represents the InputMethodHighlights attached to each run.


Profile: common conditional input_method


The Node on which this event has occurred.

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public toString() : java.lang.String

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