Oracle Payables User's Guide


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Payables Overview

Payables Overview
      Payables Workbenches
      The Invoice Workbench
      The Payments Manager
Multiple Organization Access Control


      Setting Up Supplier Hierarchies
      Factoring Arrangements
      Supplier Management
      Entering Suppliers Manually
Suppliers Pages Reference
      Suppliers and Supplier Sites Header Information
      Accounting Information
      Bank Information
      Classification Information
      Contacts Information
      Control Information
      EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Information
      Key Setup Information
      Organization Information
      Payment Information
      Purchasing Information
      Receiving Information
      Tax Reporting Information
      Tax Details and Withholding Information
Reviewing and Adjusting Suppliers
      Finding Suppliers
      Reviewing Suppliers
      Adjusting Suppliers
      Adding a New Supplier Site
Identifying Duplicate Suppliers
Supplier Merge Program
Employee Information
Employee Update Program
Supplier Audit Report
Supplier Merge Report
Purchase Order Header Updates Report


Invoices Overview
Entering Invoices Overview
      Differences Between Entering Invoices in the Quick Invoices Window and the Invoice Workbench
Entering Invoice Batches in the Invoice Workbench
Entering Invoices in the Invoice Workbench
      Entering Basic Invoices in the Invoice Workbench
      Entering Distributions in the Invoice Workbench
      Creating Distributions by Allocation in the Invoice Workbench
      Allocate Window
      Allocations Window
      Allocations Window Reference
      Matching Charges to Material Receipts
      Recording Allocations for Periodic Costing
      Allocation Restrictions
      Reviewing Allocation of Other Charges
      Scheduled Payment
Entering Invoices with Matched Purchase Orders and Receipts in the Invoice Workbench
      Matching to Purchase Orders
      Matching to Receipts
      Advances and Progressive Contract Financing
      Entering Prepayments for Advances and Contract Financing
      Entering Prepayment Invoices for Advances or Contract Financing in the Invoice Workbench Window
      Entering Prepayments for Advances or Contract Financing in the Quick Invoices Window
      Validating Prepayment Invoices
      Calculating Taxes on Advances and Contract Financing
      Retainage Release
      Automatically Recouping Advances and Contract Financing Payments
      Recording Price, Quantity, or Amount Corrections
      Final Matching Invoices and Final Closing Purchase Orders
      Viewing Purchase Order Information
      Foreign Currency Prepayments
      Entering Prepayments
      Applying and Releasing Holds on Prepayments
      Paying Prepayments
      Applying Prepayments to Invoices and Expense Reports
      Applying Prepayments in the Payables Open Interface
      Applying Prepayments to Expense Reports
      Withholding Tax When Applying Prepayments
      Entering Invoices that Reference Prepayments
      Unapplying Prepayments
      Cancelling Prepayments
      Recording a Refund of a Prepayment or Advance
      Find Invoices to Apply Window
      Find Prepayments to Apply Window
      Apply/Unapply Prepayments Window Reference
Credit and Debit Memos
      Entering Credit/Debit Memos
      Matching Credit/Debit Memos to Purchase Orders and Invoices
      Clearing a Credit
Mixed Invoices
Entering Foreign Currency Invoices
      Manual Exchange Rate Entry
      GL Daily Rates Table Default Exchange Rate Entry
      AutoRate Exchange Rate Entry
Entering Invoices for Suppliers Subject to Income Tax Reporting Requirements
      Updating 1099 Information
Recurring Invoices
      Creating a Recurring Invoice Template
      Creating Recurring Invoices
      Creating Recurring Credit/Debit Memos
      Recurring Invoices Window Reference
Quick Invoices
      Quick Invoices Overview
      Entering Invoice Records in the Quick Invoices Window
      Entering Purchase Order Matched Invoice Records in the Quick Invoices Window
      Entering Price Corrections in the Quick Invoices
      Finding Invoice Records in the Quick Invoices Window
      Modifying Invoice Records in the Quick Invoices Window
      Adding Invoice Records to an Existing Quick Invoices Batch
      Creating Invoices From Quick Invoices Invoice Records (Import)
      Quick Invoices Identification Window Reference
      Quick Invoices Window Reference
      Quick Invoices Header Region
      Quick Invoices Lines Region
Payables Open Interface Import
      Submitting the Payables Open Interface Import Program
      Payables Open Interface Import Parameters
      Payables Open Interface Import Troubleshooting
      Open Interface Invoices Window
      Payables Open Interface Purge Program
      Payables Open Interface Outbound Advice
      Payables Open Interface Import Report
Payment Requests
Self Service Invoices
      Submitting Online Invoice Validation for Invoices
      Submitting Online Invoice Validation for Invoice Batches
      Invoice Validation Program
Approving Invoices
      Invoice Approval Workflow Overview
      Invoice Approval Workflow Program
      Invoice Approval History
      Invoice Approval History Window Reference
Taxes on Invoices
      Applying Holds
      Releasing Holds
      Releasing Holds From an Invoice
      Hold Release Restrictions:
Invoice Notices
      Printing Invoice Notices from the Invoice Workbench
Reviewing Invoices
      Finding Invoice Batches
      Finding Invoices
      Reviewing Invoices
      Reviewing Invoice Batches
      Reviewing Invoice Distributions
      Reviewing Payment Information in the Invoice Workbench
      Calculating a Supplier or Supplier Site Balance
      Calculate Balance Owed Window Reference
      Identifying Duplicate Invoices
      Resolving Duplicate Invoices
      Invoice Overview Window
Adjusting Invoices
      Adjustment Charts
      Invoice Adjustment Chart
      Invoice Distribution Adjustment Chart
      Adjusting Invoices
      Adjusting Invoice Amounts
      Adjusting Invoice Exchange Rates
      Adjusting Invoice Batches
      Invoice and Invoice Batch Adjustment Restrictions:
      Adjusting Invoice Distributions
      Adding New Invoice Distributions
      Adjusting Scheduled Payments
      Adjusting Prepayments
      Cancelling Invoices
      Deleting Invoices
Oracle Assets Integration
Oracle Projects Integration
      Entering Project-Related Invoices and Expense Reports
      Adjusting Project-Related Invoices
Oracle Purchasing Integration
      Integrated Supplier and Purchasing Information
      Purchase Order and Receipt Matching
      Purchase Order Shipment and Distribution Matching
      Two-, Three-, and Four-way Approval
      Amount-Based Matching of Purchase Orders
      Payment on Receipt
      Invoice Variances
      Variance Accounts
      Defining Accrual and Variance Accounts
      Retroactive Price Update on Purchasing Documents
      Closing Purchase Orders
      Receipt Accrual
      Holding Invoices With Invalid Purchase Order Numbers
      Purging Payables and Purchasing Information
Oracle Property Manager Integration
Oracle Grants Accounting Integration
Oracle Inventory Integration
Invoice Window References
      Match to Purchase Orders Window Reference
      Match to Receipts Window Reference
      Invoice Batches Window Reference
      Invoices Window Reference
      Distributions Window Reference

Expense Reports and Credit Cards

Expense Reports
      Entering Expense Reports
      Entering Foreign Currency Expense Reports in the Expense Reports Window
      Applying Holds to Expense Reports
      Applying Advances Against Expense Reports
      Modifying and Reviewing Existing Expense Reports
      Paying Expense Reports
      Expense Report Export Program
      Creating Invoices from Expense Reports entered in Payables and Internet Expenses
      Expense Report Export Parameters
      Resolving Expense Report Export Exceptions
      Expense Reports Window Reference
Procurement Card Management
      Procurement Card Transactions Window
      Procurement Card Transactions Validation
      Create Procurement Card Issuer Invoice
      Procurement Card Transactions Verification Process
      Procurement Card Transactions Approval Process
Credit Card Management
      Credit Card Transactions Validation Program
      Credit Card Transactions Inactive Employees Process
      Create Credit Card Issuer Invoice
      Expenses Overdue Receipts Tracking Program
      Upload Accumulated Mileage program
      Credit Card Historical Transactions Management Program
Managing Credit Card Outstanding Transactions
      Credit Card Outstanding Transactions Management (Details)
      Credit Card Outstanding Transactions Summary Report
      Credit Card Outstanding Transactions Management (Aging)


Payables and Receivables Netting
      Netting Agreement
      Netting Batch Process
      Creating a Netting Batch
      Review and Modify Netting Batches - Status Selected
      Submit Netting Batch – Status Clearing
      Submit Trading Partner Approval - Status Submitted
      Settle Netting Batch - Status Clearing
      Finalize Netting Batch - Status Complete
Creating Single Payments
      Recording Manual Payments and Wire Transfers
      Paying Invoices with Quick Payments
      Paying Invoices with Clearing Payments
      Entering Refunds
      Voiding Refunds
      Refund Restrictions
Paying Invoices From the Invoice Workbench
Creating Multiple Payments
Using the Home Tab
Using the Payments Dashboard
Creating Payment Process Request Templates
Initiating Payment Process Requests
Creating Payment Instructions
Working with Payments
Creating Foreign Currency Payments
      Foreign Currency Payment Restrictions:
      Stopping or Voiding Foreign Currency Payments
Creating Zero-Amount Payments
Bills Payable
      Setting Up Bills Payable
      Creating Bills Payable
      Voiding or Stopping Bills Payable
      Bills Payable Restrictions
      Troubleshooting Bills Payables
      Accounting for Bills Payable
Update Matured Bills Payable Status Program
      Matured Bills Payable Report
Bills Payable Maturity Date Report
Reviewing and Adjusting Payments
      Payment Overview
      Finding Payments Using the Payments Window
      Reviewing Payments Using the Payments Window
      Updating Payments Using the Payments Window
      Stopping Payments Using the Payments Window
      Voiding Payments Using the Payments Window
Reconciling Payments with Oracle Cash Management
      Clearing Restrictions
Payments Manager Page Reference
Payments Window Reference

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Transactions
      Cross Currency Payments for Fixed-Rate Currencies
      Accounting for Fixed-Rate Payments
AutoRate Program


Accounting in Payables
      Payables Accounting Events
Creating Accounting Entries in Payables
Adjusting Accounting Entries
Viewing Accounting Entries
Transferring Accounting Entries to Your General Ledger
Posting in Oracle General Ledger
      Intercompany Accounting When You Use Oracle General Ledger
      Drilling Down to Payables from Oracle General Ledger
Reconciling Payables Activity
      Reconciling Payables Activity to General Ledger
How Payables Populates the GL Interface Table
      Transfer to General Ledger in Detail
      Transfer to General Ledger in Summary
Examples of Transfer to General Ledger and Journal Import
      Transfer to General Ledger in Summary and Journal Import in Summary
      Transfer to General Ledger in Detail

Resource Management

Purging Records
      Criteria for Purging Records
      Submitting Purges
      Viewing the Status of a Purge
      Aborting a Purge
      Restarting a Purge
      Recreating Database Objects From Which You Purge
Purge Reports
      Preliminary Purged Listings
      Final Purged Listings
      Rejected Purged Listings
      Final Purge Statistics Report
Tables Purged by the Payables Purge Process


Submitting Standard Reports, Programs, and Listings
      Request Sets
      Automatic Reports
      Common Report Parameters
      Common Report Headings
      Mass Additions Create Program
      Concurrent Request Notification Program
      Unaccounted Transactions Sweep Program
      Update Income Tax Details Utility and Report
Supplier Reports
      Supplier Mailing Labels
      Supplier Paid Invoice History Report
      Supplier Payment History Report
      Suppliers Report
Income Tax Forms and Reports
      1099 Reporting Overview
      1096 Form
      1099 Electronic Media
      1099 Forms
      1099 Invoice Exceptions Report
      1099 Payments Report
      1099 Supplier Exceptions Report
      Tax Information Verification Letter
      Withholding Tax By Invoice Report
      Withholding Tax By Payment Report
      Withholding Tax By Supplier Report
      Withholding Tax By Tax Authority Report
      Withholding Tax Certificate Listing
      Withholding Tax Letter
      Withholding Tax Report
Invoice Reports
      Batch Control Reports
      Credit Memo Matching Report
      Invoice Aging Report
      Invoice Approval Status Report
      Invoice Audit Listing by Voucher Number
      Invoice Audit Listing
      Invoice Audit Report
      Invoice History Report
      Invoice on Hold Report
      Invoice Register
      Invoice Validation Report
      Matched and Modified Receipts Report
      Matching Detail Report
      Matching Hold Detail Report
      Open Items Revaluation Report
      Prepayments Status Report
      Recurring Invoices Report
      Unrealized Gain/Loss Report
Payment Reports
      Cash Requirement Report
      Discounts Available Report
      Discounts Taken and Lost Report
      Payment Audit by Voucher Number Report
      Payment Exceptions Report
      Payment Gain & Loss Report
      Payment Register
      Stopped Payments Report
      Unclaimed Property Report
      Void Payment Register
Receivables and Payables Netting Reports
      Proposed Netting Report
      Final Netting Report
Accounting and Reconciliation Reports
      Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report
      Accounts Payable Negative Supplier Balance Report
      Period Close Exceptions Report
      Posted Invoice Register
      Posted Payment Register
      Unaccounted Transactions Report
Key Indicators Report
      Key Indicators Current Activity Report
      Key Indicators Invoice Activity Report
      Key Indicators State-of-the-System Report
      Invalid PO Supplier Notice
      Matching Hold Agent Notice
      Prepayment Remittance Notice
      Print Invoice Notice
      Receiving Hold Requestor Notice
      Supplier Open Balance Letter
      Bank Account Listing
      Distribution Set Listing
      Employee Listing
      Payment Terms Listing
      Payables Lookups Listing
      Tolerance Listing
Country-Specific Reports
Subledger Accounting Reports

Other Topics

Automatic Interest
      Payment Batches and Quick Payments
      Manual Payments
      Void Payments and Stop Payments
Automatic Offsets
      Automatic Offsets and Invoice Processing
      Automatic Offsets and Payment Processing
Withholding Tax Overview
      Setting Up Withholding Tax
      Withholding Taxes
      Withholding Tax Calculations
      Creating Withholding Tax Invoices
      Paying a Tax Authority
      Reviewing Withheld Amounts Online
      Withholding Tax Reports
      Projected Withholding Tax
      Projected Withholding Tax Window Reference
      View Period-To-Date Withheld Amounts
      View Period-To-Date Withheld Amounts Window Reference
Budgetary Control in Payables
      Checking Funds for Invoices
      Invoice Validation When You Use Budgetary Control
Encumbrances in Payables
Intercompany Accounting
Petty Cash Funds


Oracle Payables Character Mode Forms and Corresponding GUI Windows

Invoice, Payment, and Account Default Charts

Invoice and Invoice Batch Default Hierarchy Chart
Payment and Payment Batch Default Hierarchy Chart
Account Default Hierarchy Chart

Oracle Payables Holds

Summary of Invoice Hold Names
      Account Holds
      Funds Holds
      Invoice Holds
      Matching Holds
      Variance Holds
      Miscellaneous Holds

Text Descriptions

Text Description of the Payment Workbench Graphic
Text Description of the Using Sequential Numbering Graphic
Text Description of the Payables Open Interface Import Graphic
Text Description of the Quick Invoices Graphic
Text Description of the Payables Open Interface Workflow Graphic
Text Description of the Interest Formula
Text Description of the Invoices on Price Hold Alert
Text Description of the Invoices on Quantity Received Hold Alert
Text Description of the Invoices on Quantity Ordered Hold Alert
Text Description of the Receipt Holds Alert
Text Description of the Account Overlay Table
Text Description of the Invoice Header Table
Text Description of the Invoice Charge Table
Text Description of the Invoice Line Table
Text Description of the Invoice Tax Table
Text Description of the Payment Term Table