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Oracle Marketing User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13579-04
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Oracle Marketing User Guide


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Oracle Marketing Overview

Product Overview
Key Features and Functions
Key Benefits
Oracle E-Business Suite Integration Points

Working in Oracle Marketing

Users and Responsibilities
The Campaign Dashboard
Home Page Calendar
Understanding User Profiles
      Setting General Preferences
      Setting Preferences for the Tabs
Working with Teams and Approvals
      Adding Security to a Marketing Object
      Setting the Confidential Flag
      Adding a Team or User to a Marketing Object
      Overview of Approvals
      Using Initiative Approvals
Working with Common Components
      Overview of Notes
      About Attachments
      About Tasks
      Using Calendars

Oracle Marketing Business User Flows

Sending Monthly Newsletters to a Set of Customers
      Process Flow Diagram
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
Sending Mailers to a Set of Customers to Promote a Product
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram
Advertising on the Web to Promote a Product
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram
Following Up to Responders to an Earlier Activity with a Telemarketing Campaign Activity
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Setup Needed for this Scenario
      Process Flow Diagram
Generating Leads Using a Sales Campaign Activity
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Setup Needed for this Scenario
      Process Flow Diagram
Creating a Media Plan for Advertising an Event
      Process Flow Diagram
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
Improving Campaign Results Using Predictive Analytics
      Dependencies and Prerequisites
      Process Flow Diagram

Creating and Managing Audiences

Managing Audiences
      Working with Audience Objects
Overview of the Audience Dashboard
      List Effectiveness Report
      List Metric Trend Chart
      Active Lists by Purpose
      My Recent Lists
      Related Links Bin
Creating a List Using Natural Language Query
Creating a List Using Parameterized SQL
Creating Lists Using Advanced Methods
Creating a List using the Advanced Method
Creating Lists Using Discoverer
Creating a Custom SQL
Generating Lists
      Generating a List
Adding Manual List Entries
Managing Lists
Creating and Managing Segments
      Creating a Segment
Creating and Managing List Imports
      Rented vs. Purchased Lists
      Importing a List
Importing a List Using the List Import Wizard
Handling List Import Errors
Viewing Organization and Person Information

Optimizing Audience Lists with Predictive Analytics

Overview of Predictive Analytics
Understanding and Building Predictive Models
      About Model Types
      About Data Sources and Targets
      About Training Data
      About Building a Model
      About Model Statuses
Evaluating Model Build Results
      About the Lift Chart
      About the Performance Matrix Report
      About the Attribute Importance Chart
Improving Model Results
Building a Model
      Creating the Model
      Selecting Training Data For Response Models Using Seeded Data Sources
      Selecting Training Data for Loyalty/Retention Models Using Seeded Data Sources
      Selecting Training Data for a Customer Profitability Model Using Seeded Data Sources
      Selecting Training Data for a Product Affinity Model Using Seeded Data Sources
      Selecting Training Data for Custom Models Using Seeded or User-Defined Data Sources
      Scheduling a Build for a Model
      Viewing Build Results
Understanding Scoring Runs Generation
      Optimal Targeting Analysis
      Generating a Scoring Run

Searching and Accessing Initiatives

Searching for a Marketing Object
      Using Saved Searches
      Using Quick Search
Personalizing Views in the Workbenches

Planning and Using Marketing Programs

Programs Overview
Creating a Program
Adding Components to a Program
Program Statuses

Creating and Using Campaigns

Campaigns Overview
      Campaign Processes
Creating a Campaign
Setting Up Campaigns
Sourcing Budgets for a Campaign
Associating Costs, Revenues, and Metrics to a Campaign
Understanding Campaign Execution
      Campaign Activities Overview
      Understanding Activity Types
      Metrics and Monitors
      Understanding Teams

Working with Offers

Offers Overview
      Offer Types
      Sourcing Off-Invoice Offers from Budgets
Creating and Managing Offers
      Creating an Offer
      Setting Advanced Offer Options
      Associating Offers with a Campaign
      Creating Offer Budgets
Creating Web Offer Content

Working with Budgets

Overview of Budgets
Budget Planning
Creating and Managing Budgets
      Creating a Fixed Budget
      Updating Market Eligibility for Fixed Budgets
      Updating Products for Fixed Budgets
      Creating Budget Requests from a Budget
      Creating Budget Transfers from an Object
      Creating Budget Transfers from a Budget
      Viewing Budget Utilized
      Reconciling a Budget
      Viewing the Budget Checkbook
      Viewing the Customer Checkbook
      Viewing Budget Rollup
      Adding a Budget Threshold
      Activating a Budget
Budget Execution
      Budget Request
      Budget Transfer
      Budget Reconciliation
Budget Tracking
      Budget Buckets
      Budget Roll-Up View

Creating Activities

Understanding Campaign Activities
Understanding Activity Purposes
Understanding Activity Templates
Using Marketing Collateral
Creating a Campaign Activity
Setting Up Activities
Associating a Product or Offer
      Understanding and Using Offering
Using Collaboration with Campaign Activities
      Scripting Overview
      Associating Scripts to a Campaign Activity
Understanding Target, Control, and Contact Groups
Understanding and Using Fatigue Rules
      Overview of Fatigue Rules
      Tracking Fatigue for a Campaign Activity
      Previewing Activity-Level Fatigue
Using Target Groups
Defining Control Groups
Control Group Analysis Report
Costs, Revenues, and Metrics for Activities
Associating Costs, Revenues, and Metrics for Tracking
Associating Partners with Campaign Activities
Understanding and Using Activity Operational Reports

Creating Advertising Activities

Overview of Creating Advertising Activities
Defining Advertising Collateral
Using Landing Page URLs for Response Tracking
      Landing Page URL Definition Process
      End-User-Experience Process Flow
Defining Landing Page URLs

Creating Web Activities

Overview of Web Marketing
Understanding Web Activity Types
Creating a Web Ad or Web Offer
Associating a Product or Offer
Associating a Web Ad or Web Offer to a Placement
Creating and Associating a Target Group
Associating Costs, Revenues, and Metrics for Tracking
Understanding Web Reports

Creating E-mail Activities

Overview of E-mail Activities
Defining E-mail Cover Letters
End Users Changing Contact Preferences

Creating Fax Activities

Overview of Fax Activities
Defining Fax Cover Letters

Creating Print Activities

Overview of Print Activities
Defining Print Cover Letters

Creating Sales Activities

Sales Activities Overview

Creating Telemarketing Activities

Overview of Telemarketing Activities
Understanding Advanced Outbound

Creating Event Activities

Marketing Event Activities

Creating Repeating and Followup Activities

Understanding Repeating Activities

Using Monitors

Monitors Overview
Creating Monitors

Using Web ADI to Manage Campaign Activities

Web ADI Overview
Web ADI Layouts
Prerequisites for Using Web ADI
General Guidelines for Using Web ADI Layouts
Web ADI Processes
      The Web ADI Import Process
      Creating Campaign Activities Using the Import Process
      Web ADI Update Process
      Updating Basic Campaign Activity Details
      Updating Campaign Activity Metrics Data
      Security Requirements for Web ADI Processes

Working with and Executing Events

Events Overview
      The Events Process Flow
      One Off Events
Creating and Managing Events
      Creating an Event
      Associating Segments to an Event
      Associating Products with an Event
      Associating Metrics with an Event
      Associating Costs and Revenues with an Event
      Specifying a Budget for the Event
      Defining a Message for the Event
      Specifying the Geography for the Events
      Associating a Category with an Event
      Promoting an Event by Associating it with a Campaign
      Publishing Notes for an Event
About Contact Points
Creating Event Schedules
Defining Event Schedule Details
Specifying the Invitation List for an Event Schedule
Setting Up Event Registrations
Registering Participants for an Event
Creating Event Agenda Tracks and Sessions
Entering Event Coordinators and Other Resources
Creating a Deliverable
      Overview of Deliverables
      Entering Basic Deliverable Details
      Defining the Inventory Options for a Deliverable
      Creating a Kit
      Associating a Budget to a Deliverable
      Adding Associated E-Mail Electronic Files to a Deliverable
Specifying Deliverables for the Event
Defining Fulfillment Rules
Creating Venues
Viewing the Roster
Viewing the Events Dashboard

Working with Home Page Bins, Reports, and Charts

Marketing Intelligence Overview
Personalizing Home Page Bins, Reports, and Charts
Home Page Bins
Campaign Effectiveness Bin
Completed Web Surveys Bin
Event Effectiveness Bin
Lead Import Statistics Bin
Lead to Opportunity Bin (Key Metrics)
Lead Quality Bin
Lead Sources Bin
Marketing Activities Bin
Marketing Budgets Bin
Response to Lead Bin (Key Metrics)
Home Page Reports
Budget Utilization Report (Budget by Total Amount)
Budgets by Activity Report
Budgets by Business Unit Report
Budgets by Campaign Report
Campaign Conversion Rate Report
Campaign Cost and Revenue Report
Campaign Cost, Revenue, and ROI Report
Campaign to Order Report
Campaigns by Activity Report
Activities by Campaign Report
Marketing Activities Report
Campaign Budget Amount by Activity Type Report
Campaigns by Leads and Opportunities Report
Conversion Rates by Sales Group Report
Event Cost and Revenue Report
Event Cost, Revenue and ROI Report
Events by Budget Amount Report
Events by Event Type Report
Leads by Opportunity Report
Events by Registrants Report
Invalid Leads by Reason Report
Lead Aging by Quality Reports
Lead Aging by Sales Group Report
Lead Assignment and Conversion by Sales Group Reports
Lead Import Statistics by Campaign Report
Lead Import Statistics by Region Report
Lead Quality by Campaign Report
Lead Quality by Region Report
Lead Quality by Status Report
Lead Sources by Campaign Report
Lead Sources by Region Report
Lead Sources by Status Report
Lead Status by Campaign Report
Responses by Activity Report
Responses by Campaign Report
Home Page Charts