List of Figures

Title and Copyright Information


1 Overview (Release A9.3 Update)

2 Preinstallation Conditions

3 Install or Upgrade the Seagull License and Message Server

4 Deployment Option 1 - Install the LegaSuite Server on IBM i

5 Deployment Option 2 - Install the LegaSuite Server on Windows

6 Deployment Option 3 - Install the LegaSuite Client on Windows

7 Set up Delivery of Reports Using E-mail

A Troubleshooting

B Alternate Language Special Install Instructions

C Package Files

D WRKSPLF Printing

E Attachment Link Access

F Calculator Access

G Double byte

H Customized Signon

I Registration Wizard

J Activating Sign off Button on Menu Panels

K JD Edwards World Help Menu Integration

L Restriction of Creation of Virtual Devices

M E-mail Separator Character

N E-mail Special Instructions

O Session Resume

P Parameterized URL

Q Function Keys Case Sensitive

R Action Code Icon Display

S Logo Push Button

T Text File Entry Table