Managing Network Virtualization and Network Resources in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

dladm Command

You can administer the VNICs connected to an elastic virtual switch by using the following dladm commands:

  • dladm create-vnic command – Enables you to create a VNIC and specify the elastic virtual switch name to which you need to connect the VNIC. Optionally, you can specify the VPort of the elastic virtual switch.

  • dladm show-vnic command – Enables you to display the elastic virtual switch information for a specific VNIC. The output of the dladm show-vnic command also displays the fields TENANT, EVS, and VPORT. However, these fields are not visible from within a zone.

For more information, see the dladm(1M) man page.

For more information about how to configure a VNIC for an elastic virtual switch, see How to Create a VNIC for an Elastic Virtual Switch.