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Administering Resource Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2018

Introduction to the Resource Capping Daemon

The resource capping daemon rcapd and its associated utilities rcapadm and rcapstat provide mechanisms for defining, managing, and providing statistics on physical memory resource cap enforcement and administration.

A resource cap is an upper bound placed on the consumption of a resource, such as physical memory. Resource caps are supported on collections of system processes that can be grouped together, such as projects and zones.

Like the resource control, the resource cap can be defined by using attributes of project entries in the project database.

While resource controls are synchronously enforced by the kernel, resource caps are asynchronously enforced at the user level by the resource capping daemon. With asynchronous enforcement, a small delay occurs as a result of the sampling interval used by the daemon.

For information about rcapd, see the rcapd(8) man page. For information about projects and the project database, see About Projects and Tasks and the project(5) man page. For information about resource controls, see About Resource Controls.