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Administering Resource Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2018

Administering Projects and Tasks Task Map

For Instructions
View examples of commands and options used with projects and tasks.
Display task and project IDs, display various statistics for processes and projects that are currently running on your system.
Define a project.
Add a project entry to the /etc/project file and alter values for that entry.
Delete a project.
Remove a project entry from the /etc/project file.
Validate the project file or project database.
Check the syntax of the /etc/project file or verify the uniqueness of the project name and project ID against the external naming service.
Obtain project membership information.
Display the current project membership of the invoking process.
Create a new task.
Create a new task in a particular project by using the newtask command.
Associate a running process with a different task and project.
Associate a process number with a new task ID in a specified project.
Add and work with project attributes.
Use the project database administration commands to add, edit, validate, and remove project attributes.