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Administering Resource Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2018

Goals of Consolidated Configuration

    The following configuration is used to consolidate the applications onto a single system that has the resource pools and the dynamic resource pools facilities enabled.

  • The application server has a two-CPU processor set.

  • The database instance for the application server and the standalone database instance are consolidated onto a single processor set of at least four CPUs. The standalone database instance is guaranteed 75 percent of that resource.

  • The test and development application server requires the IA scheduling class to ensure UI responsiveness. Memory limitations are imposed to lessen the effects of bad code builds.

  • The transaction processing server is assigned a dedicated processor set of at least two CPUs, to minimize response latency.

This configuration covers known applications that are executing and consuming processor cycles in each resource set. Thus, constraints can be established that allow the processor resource to be transferred to sets where the resource is required.

  • The wt-load objective is set to allow resource sets that are highly utilized to receive greater resource allocations than sets that have low utilization.

  • The locality objective is set to tight, which is used to maximize processor locality.

An additional constraint to prevent utilization from exceeding 80 percent of any resource set is also applied. This constraint ensures that applications get access to the resources they require. Moreover, for the transaction processor set, the objective of maintaining utilization below 80 percent is twice as important as any other objectives that are specified. This importance will be defined in the configuration.