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Administering TCP/IP Networks, IPMP, and IP Tunnels in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: March 2019

How to Manually Specify Target Systems for Probe-Based Failure Detection

The following procedure describes how to add specific targets if you are using test addresses to implement probe-based failure detection.

Before You Begin

Make sure that your probe targets meet the requirements that are listed in Requirements for Choosing Targets for Probe-based Failure Detection.

  1. Log in with your user account to the system on which you are configuring probe-based failure detection.
  2. Add a route to the particular host that is to be used as a target in probe-based failure detection.
    % route -p add -host destination-IP gateway-IP -static

    destination-IP and gateway-IP are IPv4 addresses of the host to be used as a target. For example, you would type the following to specify the target system, which is on the same subnet as the interfaces in IPMP group ipmp0:

    % route -p add -host -static

    This new route will be automatically configured every time the system is restarted. If you only want to define a temporary route to a target system for probe-based failure detection, then do not use the –p option.

  3. Add routes to additional hosts on the network that are to be used as target systems.