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Administering TCP/IP Networks, IPMP, and IP Tunnels in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: March 2019

About the My Traceroute Utility

My Traceroute (mtr) combines the functionality of the ping and traceroute commands into a single networking diagnostics tool. The utility sends exploratory packets to a specified system at regular intervals, similar to how the ping –s command works. The utility also tracks network hops between the current host and a target system, similar to how the traceroute command works. In addition, the utility records and displays timing information on screen. Information that is displayed is updated constantly as new packets are sent out and responses are returned.

To use the mtr utility on your Oracle Solaris 11 system, you must first install the network/mtr IPS package. Note that the utility uses the same security model that the traceroute and ping commands use.

For more detailed information, see the mtr (1M) man page.