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Managing Network Datalinks in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: December 2017

Deleting a VLAN

Use the dladm delete-vlan command to delete VLAN configurations on your system.

Note -  You must first delete any existing IP configurations on the VLAN that you intend to delete before you can delete the VLAN. Deleting a VLAN fails if IP interfaces exist over the VLAN.

Note -  When you remove a datalink by using the dladm delete-phys command, any VLAN that is configured over the datalink is also deleted. This dladm delete-phys command also deletes the other layer 2 components such as flows, VNICs, and aggregations configured over the datalink. However, you must manually delete the layer 3 components configured over the datalink such as IP interfaces by using the ipadm command.
Example 21  Deleting a VLAN Configuration

This example shows how to delete a VLAN configuration.

# dladm show-vlan
web1      111    --       --         ----     net0
auth1     112    --       --         ----     net0
app1      113    --       --         ----     net0
web2      111    --       --         ----     net1
auth2     112    --       --         ----     net1
app2      113    --       --         ----     net1
web3      111    --       --         ----     net2
auth3     113    --       --         ----     net2

# ipadm delete-ip web1
# dladm delete-vlan web1