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Working With Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Directory and Naming Services: DNS and NIS

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Updated: October 2017

IPv6 Extensions to Oracle Solaris Name Services

This section describes naming changes that were introduced by the implementation of IPv6. You can store IPv6 addresses in any of the Oracle Solaris naming services, such as NIS, LDAP, DNS, and files. You can also use NIS over IPv6 RPC transports to retrieve any NIS data.

DNS Extensions for IPv6

An IPv6-specific resource record, the AAAA resource record, is specified in RFC 1886 DNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6. The AAAA record maps a host name into a 128-bit IPv6 address. The pointer record (PTR) is still used with IPv6 to map IP addresses into host names. The 32 4-bit nibbles of the 128-bit address are reversed for an IPv6 address. Each nibble is converted to its corresponding hexadecimal ASCII value. Then, ip6.arpa is appended.