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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X6-2 Extreme Flash Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2018

Connect the Power Cords


Caution  -  Do not connect the power cords to the storage server until the you have made the service processor (SP) and host networking connections. The storage server includes an SP that is used to configure and boot the host system. Connecting the SP and host networking cables first enables you to properly configure the host system and view SP messages.

  1. For each installed power supply, connect one grounded storage server power cord to a grounded electrical outlet.

    Note -  Power cables should already be installed in the Sun Rack II 1042 (1000-mm) system rack.

    Note - The storage server is equipped with two power supplies. Connect them to separate power sources to provide power redundancy. The storage server can operate with one power source; however, having only one power source reduces the redundancy.
  2. Connect the storage server power cords to the power supply AC connectors on the back panel of the storage server and use a Velcro strap to secure them to the storage server.

    When power is connected, the storage server boots into standby power mode:

    • The green AC OK LED lights on each power supply.

    • The SP OK/Fault LED flashes rapidly while the SP is starting, and the main Power/OK LED remains off until the SP is ready.

    • After a few minutes, the main Power/OK LED slowly flashes the standby blink pattern (0.1 seconds on, 2.9 seconds off) and the SP OK LED is steady on, indicating that the SP (and Oracle ILOM) is ready for use.

    In standby power mode, the storage server is not initialized or fully powered on at this point.

    For the location of the status indicator LEDs, see Front Panel Status Indicators, Connectors, and Drives and Back Panel Status Indicators, Connectors, Drives, and PCIe Slots.

    image:Figure showing how to connect the power cords.


    Caution  - Do not operate the storage server unless all fans, component heatsinks, air baffles, and the top cover are installed. Damage to storage server components can occur if the storage server is operated without adequate cooling mechanisms.

    Note -  Do not apply main power to the rest of the storage server until you are ready to configure a preinstalled operating system or perform a fresh installation of an operating system. At this point, power is supplied only to the SP and the power supply fans.

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