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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X6-2 Extreme Flash Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2018

Verify Operation of Slide-Rails and Cable Management Arm

Use the following procedure to ensure that the slide-rails and CMA are operating correctly.

Note -  Two people should perform this procedure: one to move the storage server in and out of the rack, and one to observe the cables and CMA.
  1. To prevent the rack from tipping forward when the storage server is extended, extend all rack anti-tilt devices.


    Caution  -  To reduce the risk of personal injury, stabilize the rack cabinet and extend all anti-tilt devices before extending the storage server from the rack. For instructions for stabilizing the rack, see Stabilize the Rack for Installation.

  2. Slowly pull the storage server out of the rack until the slide-rails reach their stops.
  3. Inspect the attached cables for any binding or kinks.
  4. Verify that the CMA extends fully with the slide-rails.
  5. To return the storage server back to the rack:
    1. Simultaneously pull and hold the two green release tabs (one on each side of the storage server) toward the front of the storage server while you push the storage server into the rack. As you push the storage server into the rack, verify that the CMA retracts without binding.

      Note -  To pull the green release tab, place your finger in the center of the tab, not on the end, and apply pressure as you pull the tab toward the front of the storage server.

      image:Figure showing the location of the release tabs on the                            slide-rails.
    2. Continue pushing the storage server into the rack until the slide-rail locks (on the front of the storage server) engage the slide-rail assemblies.

      You will hear an audible click when the storage server is in the normal rack position.

  6. Adjust the cable straps and the CMA, as required.

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