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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X6-2 Extreme Flash Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2018

Ethernet Ports

The storage server has four RJ-45 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) network connectors, labeled NET 3, NET 2, NET 1, and NET 0, from left to right on the storage server rear panel. Use these ports to connect the storage server to the network as described in the Oracle Exadata cabling instructions.

The LEDs located above each NET port are Link/Activity (left) and Speed (right) indicators for each port. The following table lists the Ethernet transfer rates and the Speed LED color.

Connection Type
IEEE Terminology
Speed LED Color
Transfer Rate
Fast Ethernet
100 Mbits/sec
Gigabit Ethernet
1,000 Mbits/sec
10 Gigabit Ethernet
10,000 Mbits/sec

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