Chapter 69: Canceling an Order through Order Maintenance

Purpose: You can cancel an entire order by pressing F20 on the Work with Order Screen or the Work with Order Lines Screen in order maintenance. The system frees up any reserved inventory on the canceled order and makes it available to other orders.

Restriction: You cannot cancel an order through order maintenance if the Restrict Cancellations (CA) maintenance restriction for the order type on the order is selected. Also, see the additional restrictions related to individual order detail lines described under Canceling an Item.

Order Broker? If any of the items on the order are currently assigned to the Order Broker for fulfillment (brokered backorder), you advance first to the Confirm Order Broker Cancel Window before the Enter Cancel Reason Window. See that window and the Brokered Backorder Integration with Locate for more information.

Retail pickup or delivery order? See Maintaining a Retail Pickup or Delivery Order for information on the additional activity that takes place when you cancel one of these orders.

Order message required: The system requires the entry of an order message before you exit Order Maintenance if the Require Order Message Entry (L73) system control value is set to M or B and you do not have authority to the Bypass Order Message Entry Requirement (B22) secured feature. You can enter the order message on the Work with Order Messages Screen.

In this chapter:

Enter Cancel Reason Window

Order Updates for Cancellation

Picks Pending Window

Enter Cancel Reason Window

To cancel: Press F20 at the Work with Order Screen or Work with Order Lines Screen to display the Confirm Cancel pop-up window. If you press Enter at this pop-up window, you advance to the Enter Cancel Reason pop-up window.

Enter Cancel Reason

Order#: 1467 - 1

Cancel reason . .

Cancel all ship to's N

Recalculate frt . . N




Order #

The number of the order you wish to cancel.

Numeric, 9 positions; display-only, assigned by the system.

Ship to number (Unlabeled field to the right of the order number)

The number of shipping addresses for the order you wish to cancel.

Numeric, 3 positions; display-only, assigned by the system.

Cancel reason

The reason for canceling the entire order.

Cancel reason codes are defined in and validated against the Cancel Reason file; see Chapter 5: Establishing Cancel Reason Codes (WCNR).

Note: You cannot use a cancel reason that reduces demand if the order type matches the Amazon Order Type (I22) system control value. See Amazon Order Feed for an overview.

Numeric, 2 positions; required.

Cancel all ship to's

This value controls whether the system cancels each recipient order or only the current order. A recipient order is an order that is shipping to a different address.

Valid values are:

Y = Cancel all recipient orders.

N = (default) Cancel only the current order.

Alphanumeric, 1 position; required.

Recalculate freight

This value determines whether the system refunds the freight charge to the customer for the canceled items.

Valid values are:

Y =Recalculate and refund freight.

N (default) = Do not recalculate and refund freight.

The Recalculate Freight Default (F62) system control value controls the default setting of this field, but you can override this default.

Alphanumeric, 1 position; required.

Order Updates for Cancellation

The system performs these updates based on whether the cancel reason code you use reduces demand:

Reduce Demand?

Order and Line Status

Quantity Ordered

Quantity Canceled


C (Canceled)

not affected

same as quantity ordered


X (Closed)


not affected

See Chapter 5: Establishing Cancel Reason Codes (WCNR) for more information about reducing demand.

The order remains on the system for inquiry purposes; you can reopen a canceled order through Order Maintenance by adding a new item to the order.

You cannot update any canceled lines through Order Maintenance.

Picks Pending Window

Purpose: The system displays this pop-up window when you press F20 to cancel an order that has pending pick slips:

Picks Pending Window

*** Picks Pending for this Order ***


F7=Void/Reprint F12=Cancel

To complete this window: Press F7 to void the picks or press F12 to cancel. You cannot cancel the order until picks are voided.

If you press F7, you advance to the Reprinting/Voiding Pick Slips by Order Screen. An error message displays if you are not authorized to void pick slips:


User (Karen_L) is not authorized to void pick slips.


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