Manage all manufacturing modes with a single enterprise-wide system where all manufacturing processes share common inventory, material, planning, purchasing, and financial databases.

Manufacturing Management

Develop, manufacture, and distribute products using efficient processes to optimize resources and satisfy customer expectations even when operating within a mixed-mode production environment (process, discrete, repetitive, etc.).

Integrate Manufacturing Strategies to Improve Your Competitiveness


    Supports Mixed-Mode Manufacturing Environments

    Manufacturing-Shop Floor is a mixed-mode solution, supporting your diverse product line, your variable manufacturing, and inventory strategy, and your choice of manufacturing processes.

    Automated Tracking and Reporting

    The system maintains and communicates status information regarding labor, materials, work centers and routing operations.

    Efficient Management of Production Process

    Via sales order or planning system, online work order, scheduling workbench, payroll time entry, and warehouse management, the complete production process is efficiently managed.

    UX One Roles for Manufacturing Management

    Access to UX One role-based pages enables Plant Managers and Production Managers to easily access, review, and act upon important information to improve manufacturing processes and scheduling efficiency through greater visibility into exception conditions.

Requirements Planning

Provides the visibility and action recommendations required for efficient procurement and production scheduling which ensures that supply aligns with demand, even across multiple sites.

Maximize Customer Service While Keeping Costs in Line


    Simplified Planning Process

    Simplifies your planning process by making it easy for you to incorporate all enterprise locations and mixed-mode production processes under one requirements planning umbrella.

    Reduced Inaccuracies

    Eliminate inaccuracies caused by time delays between planning and ensuring that the manufacturing resources are available to meet scheduled production.

    Improved Customer Service

    With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Requirements Planning you will be able to orchestrate the flow of material and products among multiple manufacturing and distribution sites efficiently.

    UX One Roles for Requirements Planning

    Access to UX One role-based pages enables Plant Managers, Production Managers, and Production Schedulers to easily access, review, and act upon important information to improve manufacturing processes and scheduling efficiency through greater visibility into exception conditions.

Quality Management

Enables collection, verification and management of data pertaining to product quality at specified points of the manufacturing or procurement process to ensure that products perform as defined and expected.

Provide a Consistent and Controlled Approach to Quality Management


    Effective Quality Controls

    It supports Six Sigma and TQM by helping manufacturers and distributors respond quickly to quality issues and adapt production to continually reduce quality exceptions.

    Low Cost Quality Inspections

    It enables you to reduce labor costs by minimizing the time spent inspecting material, collecting data, testing, and retesting.

    Perform Tests

    You can set up an unlimited number of tests to perform within your business cycle. Specifications enable you to group tests that belong together or should be performed together.

    Add Value Through Integration

    It enables you to build a comprehensive, efficient, and quality system by integrating with other key JD Edwards EnterpriseOne modules.


Automates the selection and configuration of highly complex products by providing fully integrated front-end sales and quote entry with back-end fulfillment operations and manufacturing systems.

Automate the Selection and Configuration of Highly Complex Products


    Rules-Based Configuration for Multilevel Product Structures

    This module provides your company with a diverse set of rules and validation algorithms that are managed without customization.

    Product Setup Options

    You determine how your products are configured, you define the features and options for each configured item.

    Advanced Assembly Inclusion Rules

    Includes advanced assembly inclusion rules for automatic creation of component purchase orders, expanded derived calculations formulas, smart part definitions, table processing, and external program references.

    Product Validation

    Along with setting up configurations of your product, this module also features cross-segment editing for dynamic product validation.