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Manufacturing Management

Develop, manufacture, and distribute products using efficient processes to optimize resources and satisfy customer expectations even when operating within a mixed-mode production environment (process, discrete, repetitive, etc.).

Integrate Manufacturing Strategies to Improve Your Competitiveness

Supports Mixed-Mode Manufacturing Environments

Manufacturing-Shop Floor is a mixed-mode solution, supporting your diverse product line, your variable manufacturing, and inventory strategy, and your choice of manufacturing processes.

Automated Tracking and Reporting

The system maintains and communicates status information regarding labor, materials, work centers and routing operations.

Efficient Management of Production Process

Via sales order or planning system, online work order, scheduling workbench, payroll time entry, and warehouse management, the complete production process is efficiently managed.

UX One Roles for Manufacturing Management

Access to UX One role-based pages enables Plant Managers and Production Managers to easily access, review, and act upon important information to improve manufacturing processes and scheduling efficiency through greater visibility into exception conditions.