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Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Release 22

Release 22 is your Digital ERP release, delivering innovation that automates, optimizes, and transforms business processes and represents Oracle's continued investment that furthers customer's digital transformation.

Applications Enhancements

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

New and Improved Property Location Map

Property managers and rental specialists can now take advantage of the new and improved Property Location Map that provides an intuitive interface with an improved UI and visibility of property locations. These personnel can easily locate properties on a map and view their rentable and usable spaces. They can also have easy access to common actions related to the properties. These capabilities enable them to effortlessly manage their property portfolio.
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Financial Year End 2021 - EnterpriseOne 1099

Each year the US Government updates its requirements for Form 1099 reporting. As every other year, JD Edwards provides updated Form 1099 formats for 2021 to ensure that customers remain compliant with these requirements. JD Edwards also provides a new capability for 2021—limited support for Form 1099-G.
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Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

US, Canada Payroll Reporting for 2021

The US and Canada Year-End electronic software updates (ESUs) ensure compliance with new legislation and address any changes to the reporting standards. The 1099 MISC form name has been changed to Miscellaneous Information. In addition, the 2021 1099 NEC form template has been changed to accommodate three forms in each page.
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Brazil - New Calculation Basis for PIS and COFINS Taxes

JD Edwards provides support for Brazilian legislation Extraordinary Appeal (RE) 574706 and Opinion SEI No.7698/2021/ME, which defines a new calculation basis for PIS and COFINS taxes for nota fiscal documents produced in the country.
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Portugal - Capability to Map Multiple G/L Accounts with the Same Referential Account

The Portugal Accounts Mapping application is enhanced to enable the mapping of multiple G/L accounts with the same referential account.
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Digital Transformation

API to Manage Files in the AIS Root Temporary Directory

This feature provides the orchestration designer with an API to access files that are stored on the root temporary directory of the AIS Server. This capability gives the orchestration designer more control over data that is stored in files during the processing of an orchestration, particularly for files that persist after an orchestration session completes.
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Assertion Definitions for All Rows in a Grid

This feature enables the orchestration designer to define assertion criteria that is used to evaluate all rows returned from a step, even if the number of rows is unknown or variable.
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Allow Default Values for Array Inputs to an Orchestration

This feature enables the orchestration designer to specify default values for orchestration inputs that are in an array.
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Manage File Output from REST Responses

This feature enables orchestrations to accept files from the response from external REST calls. Orchestrator is capable of making outbound calls to external REST APIs. Sometimes the response from those REST APIs contains file output. This enhancement provides the orchestration designer more control over saving and naming that file output for use in subsequent orchestration steps.
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Option to Exclude the Summary Row from a Form Request Response

This feature provides a setting in Orchestrator Studio that enables the orchestration designer to ignore the summary row when processing a form request.
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User Experience

Ability to Customize Grids in Modal Forms

This enhancement extends JD Edwards extensibility capabilities to enable customers to define grid format in the modal forms. For example, a customer using the Sales Order Entry application (P4210) wants to define the grid format for the visual assist of item number. With this enhancement, the users will be now be able to see the Personalize Grid icon on the Item Search and Select form that helps them to create the grid.
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Efficient Infrastructure Provisioning with Oracle Cloud Marketplace Images for WebLogic Server

Customers can use the Oracle Cloud Marketplace images (BYOL and UCM) for WebLogic Server to provision WebLogic instances for their JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This provides customers with the latest WebLogic images with all the updates and patches and hence eliminates the manual updates required to eliminate vulnerabilities. The Universal Credits Model (UCM) enables customers to pay as they go for any needed WLS infrastructure, thereby providing significant cost savings to the customer. The Bring Your Own License (BYOL) image enables customers to leverage their existing Standard Edition (SE) or Enterprise Edition (EE) licenses for WebLogic on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One-Click Provisioning on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One-Click Provisioning is a machine image provided by Oracle that automates the process for deploying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This edition of One-Click Provisioning has been updated with Release 22 innovations, including Tools Release and recent electronic software updates (ESUs).
JDE One-Click Provisioning in Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Enhanced Security for JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service

Customers can leverage the OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service for their JD Edwards instances on OCI to identify and fix any security vulnerabilities. This helps customers in faster identification and resolution of security issues due to architectural customizations and integrations. Customers can use this service to perform security scans on a periodic basis to take action on any new security issues introduced due to recent changes. This helps customers to have a secure and stable JD Edwards environment on OCI.
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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Trial Edition Image on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Trial Edition is a machine image provided by Oracle that enables your organization to create a trial instance of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This “all-in-one” demo/sandbox image enables you to explore new innovations in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Release 22. This edition of Trial Edition has been updated with Release 22 innovations, including Tools and recent electronic software updates (ESUs).
JDE Trial Edition in Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Certification with Apple iOS 15

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne iPad Container and the EnterpriseOne web client on the Safari browser are now certified with Apple iOS 15.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne certifications are posted on the Certifications tab in My Oracle Support.

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