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Announcement Timeline

Oracle regularly announces JD Edwards application enhancements focused on delivering high-value, customer-driven improvements in user productivity, extending existing business processes, and supporting new business processes. Also included are tools enhancements that drive digital process transformation, significantly improve the user experience, simplify and automate ongoing maintenance, and provide updated platform certifications.

June 2022
  • Start a Workflow Process from a Logic Extension
  • Orchestrator Multipart REST Connector Without File Attachments
  • Outbound and Third-Party Cross-References for Orchestrations
  • Default Current User as Tester when Entering Test Results
  • Support for Joint Venture Management in a Currency “Off” Environment
  • European Union: New Nature of Transaction Codes for B2B and B2C in Intrastat Reporting

April 2022
  • Expanded License Plate Number Commitment Swap Flexibility
  • New Visual Bill of Material
  • Support for Reporting Current vs Non-Current Portions of Lessee Lease Balances
  • Manage Report Output in Orchestrations
  • Logic Extensions: Business Function Support
  • Capability to export grid data to Excel Macro file extension type .XLSM

January 2022
  • Manage File Output from REST Responses
  • Ability to Customize Grids in Modal Forms
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One-Click Provisioning on Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  • Certification with Apple iOS 15
  • New and Improved Property Location Map
  • Financial Year End 2021 - EnterpriseOne 1099
  • US, Canada Payroll Reporting for 2021

October 2021
  • Volume Level Pricing in Procurement
  • Requirements Planning Summary and Supply Demand Console
  • New Visually Intuitive Application Interfaces
  • Logic Extensions
  • Workflow Studio
  • Zero Downtime Deployment for Applications

June 2021
  • Enhanced Browser Support for Grid Import and Export
  • Enhanced User Experience Using JavaScript Applications in External Forms
  • Learning Path: Getting Started with Visual Builder and Orchestrator for JD Edwards
  • User-defined Orchestration Response Message
  • Extensible Scripting Framework

April 2021
  • Select Multiple Rows in a Form Request
  • Enhanced Browser Support for Media Objects
  • Automated Package Build and Deployment
  • PO Requested Date based on Work Day Calendar
  • Item Safety Stock in Times Series Header
December 2020
  • Order Level Pricing in Procurement
  • Tax on Landed Cost during Voucher Match
  • Work Order Ledger
  • Enforce Quality Test Results Entry
  • License Plate Picking Optimization
  • Straight-Line Rent by Fiscal Date Pattern for Real Estate
  • Control over Discounts on Partial Payments
  • G/L Batch Status History

November 2020
  • Assertion Framework for orchestrations
  • Form extensibility improvements
  • Enhanced search criteria and actions for EnterpriseOne Search
  • Virtual Batch Queues
  • Development client simplification
  • Allow variables in REST file uploads
  • Optimized retrieval of large data sets by Orchestrator
  • Support for 64-bit JD Edwards on UNIX platforms

June 2020
  • Orchestrator enhancements including print an orchestration
  • Form Personalization - reposition required form controls
  • Form Extensibility – create form and row exits
  • Autonomous Database for JD Edwards

April 2020
  • Navigation and Page Composer improvements
  • Learning path to create mobile applications
  • New Project Status Inquiry application
  • Orchestration debugger
  • Work order activity rules
  • Form extensibility enhancements
November 2019
  • Redesigned Orchestrator Studio
  • New Scheduler user interface
  • Joint Venture Management cash calls
  • Orchestration support on grid
  • Personalization form security
  • Deployment server 64-bit enablement
  • Localization updates
  • Platform certifications

July 2019
  • Orchestrator support for Server Manager
  • Simplified diagnostics from Server Manager
  • Human Capital Management enhancements
  • Enhancements to launching orchestrations from a form
  • New version of A/R Invoice Print report
  • Platform certifications

April 2019
  • Orchestrator support for Server Manager
  • Multiple action support in notification messages
  • Launch orchestrations from an EnterpriseOne form
  • Form Extensibility – add buttons to forms
  • Joint Venture Management - allocation of indirect costs
  • ISO Currency and Country Code updates in Financials
  • OpenAPI support for orchestrations
  • Localization updates
  • Platform certifications
November 2018
  • Health Monitor for orchestrations and notifications
  • Launch orchestrations from EnterpriseOne events
  • New Message Center application for notifications
  • Form extensibility for entry and power browse forms
  • UX One Foundation improvements
  • Comma-separated value (CSV) format as orchestration input
  • 64-bit processing for the Enterprise server and development client
  • Platform certifications

October 2018
  • Manage lease term changes for lessee leases
  • Guaranteed residual value (GRV) obligation at the end of the lease term
  • New form, grid, and CaféOne personalizations

August 2018
  • Overhead charge calculation for indirect costs
  • Invoices and vouchers for each partners
  • Financial statement and report support

April 2018
  • Process Recorder to step through actions for orchestrations
  • 35 delivered EnterpriseOne notifications
  • UX One analytic components navigation
  • Subscribe to notification alerts and messages
  • Localization updates
  • Platform certifications

February 2018
  • Lease Management enhancements
  • Simplified upgrade enhancements
  • Platform certifications