Fatigue Analysis examples

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As a contact field, the Fatigue Level value is extremely versatile. You can use Fatigue Levels anywhere you can use an Oracle Eloqua contact field, including dynamic content, segments, campaign decision steps, program steps, lead scoring, as well as an attribute in Insight for custom reporting. In this topic, you'll learn about different examples for using Fatigue Levels in Oracle Eloqua:

  • Creating segments for programs or campaigns

    You can use the Fatigue Level contact field with filter criteria in a segment. For example, a marketer filters for the UndersaturatedFatigue Level in a segment, and later uses this segment to pull in contacts in his campaign.

    Filter criteria for the Fatigue Level Undersaturated

  • Campaign decision step

    You can use the Fatigue Level contact field in a campaign decision step, for example in the Compare Contact Fields step. In our example, a marketer could remove contacts who are Oversaturated from a campaign.

    Compare Contact Fields decision step using the Oversaturated Fatigue Level to send contacts down different paths

  • Listener in a program

    You can use the Fatigue Level contact field in a program listener step. For example, a marketer wants to listen to a Contact Field Change for Fatigue Level. Once a contact's Fatigue Level changes, different Compare Contact Fields steps send contacts to the appropriate campaign, based on their new Fatigue Level.

  • Dynamic content for personalization

    You can use Fatigue Levels and dynamic content to display different content to contacts based on their Fatigue Level. For example, a marketer might send an email with a higher discount to someone who is Undersaturated than she would send to someone who is Just Right.

    Dynamic content for contacts with the Undersaturated Fatigue Level

  • Lead scoring

    You can use the Fatigue Level contact field in your Lead Scoring model.

    Lead Scoring model using Fatigue Level

  • Analytics in Insight

    The contact Fatigue Level field is available to use as an attribute in Insight reporting for robust analytics and analysis. This field is available anywhere the Contact attribute is available. You can use this field to help you analyze other metrics and attributes in relation to your contacts' Fatigue Levels.

    Fatigue Levels in Insight

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