Security groups

As an Eloqua administrator, you can manage and control the access rights and permissions that other users of the Eloqua application at your organization can access, modify, create, and configure using Security Groups.

Security Groups allow administrators to control what levels of access users have to assets, features, interfaces, and so on. There are several Security Groups offered with your Eloqua instance; however you can create your own Security Groups to suit your needs.

Note: This security feature is included in the Standard and Enterprise trims. Basic trims require the Oracle Eloqua Security Administration Cloud Service add-on to use this feature. Contact your account representative for more information.

The Security Group Overview page contains links to all the types of security you can configure for a particular security group.

An image of the Security Group Overview menu.

We recommend following the specified order when initially setting up a security group. The following areas can be modified for each security group:

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