Segments are groups of contacts generated based on filter criteria and contact lists. Segments can filter contacts based on criteria like whether or not they receive a newspaper, whether or not they registered for a conference, or whether or not they visited a landing page.

Segments are used to feed email distribution in campaigns. They allow you to specify which contacts are included, and then to customize the subsequent actions for those contacts:

An image of three segments connected to an email element.


Segments can be very general, like "Email Opened," or very specific, like "Arborists who live in Minnesota." Create segments that are appropriate for your company's needs.

In most cases, it is more efficient to create small, targeted segments that you can combine together to reach the entire audience. Creating large, complex segments that are only appropriate for a single campaign is more time-consuming, and prevents you from being able to reuse common segments in future campaigns. As always, your business needs should determine how you create your segments.

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Consider the following examples of segments:

An image of the PDF icon. Download the Segments User Guide.

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