Interactive Notifications Dashboard

Note: This dashboard is available only to users with the Mobile Apps Analytics Manager role.

The Interactive Notifications Dashboard provides an in-depth analysis of the Push Campaign sends that contain Interactive Notifications.

The Mobile Apps Dashboard Summary enables you to view all Push Campaigns (with or without Interactive Notifications) and indicates whether or not a campaign included Interactive Notifications and the corresponding Button Click-Through metrics.

To open the Interactive Notifications Dashboard:

  1. Click The Insight icon Insight on the side navigation bar, and select Interactive Dashboards.
  2. On the Analytics page, select the Mobile Apps tab and expand Performance.
  3. Click Interactive Notifications.

To select a date range:

  1. Select the date range from the Sent Date Range drop down list.
  2. Click Apply.

Interactive Notifications Performance

The dashboard provides a quick overview of the following key performance metrics for each Interactive Notification:

  • Notification Category––Category representing a certain combination of Interactive Notification buttons such as "Accept OR Decline", "Yes OR No", or "Rate".
  • Button Name––Name of the button on the notification.
  • Button Number––Number of the button on the notification, ordered from left to right.
  • Button Clicks––Number of clicks on a button.
  • Button Click-Through Rate––(Button Clicks/Push messages delivered that included Interactive Notifications) * 100%.

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