Inventory Management

NetSuite 2024.1 includes the following enhancements to inventory management features:

Supply Planning Workbench Date-Based View Enhancements

Previous and Next item button now appear on the supply planning workbench date-based views (grid view and graph view). This feature enables you to switch between forecasted items without leaving the date based grid view.

Warehouse Management Enhancements


Use of NetSuite WMS requires installing the SuiteApps in the following order: 1) SCM Mobile and 2) NetSuite WMS.

NetSuite WMS enhancements are targeted to be available by spring 2024.

NetSuite 2024.1 includes the following Warehouse Management enhancements:

Additional Settings for Wave Transactions

For generating and releasing wave transactions, Warehouse Management provides the following capabilities:

  • Additional Filtering for Wave Release Schedules – When you create a wave release schedule, you can specify either the wave order limit or the order line limit. You can provide a range by setting both the maximum and minimum limits. Also, Maximum Wave Order Limit replaces the field name, Wave Order Limit.

  • Generating a Fulfillment for an Order in a Wave – The Create Item Fulfillment… preference provides the new Per Order in a Wave option. It enables you to generate separate item fulfillments for an order released in different waves. You do not have to process all lines of an order released in different waves to generate a fulfillment.

  • Default Settings for Wave Transactions – You can now set the following preferences for wave transactions: Default Status and Default Picking Type. You can change the default Released status and default Single Order picking type.

  • Blocking Bins from Wave Order Picking – On bin records, you can enable the Block from Wave Order Picking setting to remove bins from bin lists and bin recommendations. It prevents picking from these bins for orders released in waves.

To set up fulfillment and wave preferences, see Setting Warehouse Management Preferences. To schedule wave releases, see Creating a Wave Release Schedule.

New Vendor Returns Mobile Process

When you pick items for vendor returns, you can record the details through the Vendor Returns process on the app. It includes staging of picked items and creation of item fulfillments for tracking until you ship them out.

You can use the Vendor Returns bin type to classify bins that contain items for return. From this bin type, you cannot pick items for sales or transfer orders.

For more information, see Creating Bin Locations or Carts or Inventory Processing.

Bin Transfers via Carts

When you transfer items between bins, you can now place them in a cart before you store them in permanent bins. You can place items from multiple bins on a single cart, and then store them in one or more bins. This process provides the Transfer All option for unloading all items on a cart to a single bin.

For instructions, see Transferring Items Between Bin Locations.

Capturing Item Weights During PO Receiving

When you receive items for purchase orders on the app, you can capture the weight from your weighing scale. Through PrintNode integration, you can connect weighing scales to your local computers.

On the app, you can choose the weighing scale you want to use in your location. The Enter Quantity page displays the Capture Weight option for obtaining the item weight per quantity.

To set up, see Weighing Scale Support.

Updates to Other Mobile Processes

NetSuite WMS provides the following capabilities for other mobile processes:

  • Adding Custom Item Images – Previously, you can display item images on mobile pages by using the Site Builder features and Web Store facility on item records only. Now, you can upload item images on the NS WMS subtab of item records without using the Site Builder features. In case you upload them on the Web Store subtab, NetSuite WMS automatically copies and displays them on the NS WMS subtab. On the app, item images appear on the info screen by default. To set up items with images, see Creating Items for NetSuite WMS.

  • Bin Selection for Work Order Reversals – The Choose bins for reversed pick task items system rule now supports work order reversals. Instead of automatically transferring reversed items back to their picking bins, you can choose a temporary one. For more information, see Reversing Work Order Picking.

  • Support for Lot Number Generation – If you use the Lot Auto Numbering SuiteApp, you can activate the Autogenerate Lot Numbers system rule to enable it for the PO receiving process only. The app follows your lot number formats and settings to generate lot numbers per lot item.

  • Pick All Option for Serialized Items – You can pick and stage the entire quantity on a pick task without scanning or entering each serial number. NetSuite WMS provides the Pick All option for serialized items. It automatically picks from bins that can be emptied first before those with sufficient quantity. For more information, see Picking Orders.

  • New Order Type Field on System Rules – The Manually pack orders? and the two Use cartons rules now provide Order Type selection to match the same field on sales orders. When you activate any of these rules for a sales order process, you can also specify the order type.

To activate system rules, see System Rules for NetSuite WMS.

New WMS Limited Access Role

If you have the WMS Limited Access role, you can assign and use it for the NetSuite WMS mobile app. Use this role to complete inbound, inventory, and outbound processing tasks through the mobile app. You can customize it to remove permissions for certain tasks. If you use NetSuite Ship Central or Smart Count, you can edit permissions for these mobile apps too. For more information, see WMS Limited Access Role.

General Notices