Bundling a Workflow

After you design and test a workflow, you can bundle the workflow to install the workflow into other NetSuite accounts. Workflow objects are lockable in a bundle. However, if you lock a bundled workflow, the workflow definition, custom fields, states, transitions, and actions cannot be edited in target accounts. Also, you cannot add states or transitions to a locked workflow, but you can add workflow and state fields.

Use the Bundle Builder to bundle a workflow. You can bundle any workflow in an account, including any inactive workflows. If you include a workflow that references a custom role, the custom role is automatically included. For more information about using the Bundle Builder, see SuiteBundler Overview and Creating a Bundle with the Bundle Builder.


Workflow instances and history logs are not copied to target accounts when a bundle is installed or updated.

The following screenshot shows the Bundle Builder where you can select workflows to include in a bundle:

A portion of the Bundle Builder UI that shows where you can select workflows to include in a bundle.

Rules and Guidelines for Bundling an Unlocked Workflow

Use the following rules and guidelines when working with bundled workflows:

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