User Interface

This release note was updated April 22, 2024.

NetSuite 2024.1 includes the following enhancement to the NetSuite User Interface:

Text Enhance

View the Text Enhance New Feature Preview (Article available only in English).

Text Enhance uses generative AI to assist you with writing business content in NetSuite. It can help you create and refine content, as well as make your content the right length for your needs.

Text Enhance uses information from the page you are editing when it generates content. For example, when you use Text Enhance to generate a sales description for an inventory item, it uses information such as the item name, vendor description, display name, and stock description from the inventory item page. Text Enhance can also help you write different item descriptions for the same item, depending on how you will use the description. For example, when you use Text Enhance to generate text for the Purchase Description field of the Purchase/Inventory subtab, the generated text can include different details and even a different tone than what Text Enhance generates for the Sales Description field of the Sales/Pricing subtab.

Example of using the Enhance Text menu on the Sales Description field of an inventoy item record.

Text Enhance is enabled by default, but access to it may be limited by an account's enabled features, location, and language. To learn more about Text Enhance availability for accounts and how users with an Administrator role can disable the feature for their account if needed, see New Text Enhance Preferences Page.

Text Enhance is available in the following places in NetSuite.


Fields with Text Enhance

Required Fields

Optional Fields

Goal page



  • Details

Item pages (for example, Inventory Item)

Purchase Description

Item Name

  • Stock Description

  • Vendor Name

  • Display Name

  • Purchase Description

  • Is Drop Ship Item

  • Is Special Order Item

Item pages (for example, Inventory Item)

Sales Description

Item Name

  • Vendor Name

  • Display Name

  • Sales Description

  • Minimum Quantity

  • Maximum Quantity

Job page


Job Title

  • Description

For more information about this feature, see Text Enhance.

Favorites Feature Available in Dropdown Lists

You can select up to five favorite items in the Customer, Add Multiple, and Items fields on sales orders. In the Add Multiple field, you can show only your favorite items by selecting the Show favorites only box.

To enable the Favorites feature, go to Set Preferences > General and check the Allow Favorites in Dropdowns box. To mark an item as a favorite, click the star icon next to the item name in the dropdown list.

Favorites are associated with your personal preferences and are specific to your NetSuite account and role.

Favorites in dropdown example

Page Search Enhancements

You can now collapse both the Global Search Results and the Current Page Results sections of the Page Search feature by clicking the headings.

To expand the list of results, click Show [N] more results. To collapse the list of results, click Show less results.

For more information, see Current Page Results.

Page Search

Improved Color Contrast

Color contrast of text was improved in submenus, search results, and field group labels.

General Notices