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Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 Security Guide

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Updated: March 2021

Change the Default Oracle ILOM root Passwords

The system ships with default passwords assigned to the Oracle ILOM root accounts on both nodes. This enables the installation process to be performed with a predictable initial access account. Immediately after installation, change the default passwords to ensure optimal security.

  1. Log into Oracle ILOM on node 1 as root.

    Use the ssh command to connect to Oracle ILOM.

    Tip  -  To get the host names of Oracle ILOM, log in to in the MCMU BUI as a primary administrator and use the navigation panel to select System Settings → System Information. The host names are listed under the ILOM column.

    For example:

    % ssh root@node1_ILOM_hostname_or_IPaddress

    Type the Oracle ILOM root password: welcome1

  2. Change the Oracle ILOM root password.
    -> set /SP/users/root password
    Enter new password: *********
    Enter new password again: ***********
  3. Repeat these steps to change the Oracle ILOM root password on node 2.
  4. Update Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware Manager with the new passwords.

    See Update Component Passwords in Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 Administration Guide.