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2.4.1 Installing a Btrfs root File System

To install a target system from a network installation server:

  1. Boot the target system using the UEK Boot ISO image.

  2. Select Install or upgrade an existing system.

  3. On the Installation Method screen, select either NFS directory or URL depending on whether you configured your installation server to use NFS or HTTP respectively.

  4. After configuring the network settings, enter the settings for the NFS or HTTP installation server.

    For installation using NFS, enter the path of the full DVD image, for example /var/OSimage/OL6.6_UEK.

    For installation using HTTP, enter the URL of the full DVD image, for example

  5. Follow the installation instructions in Section 2.1, “Installation Overview”. The default disk layout creates a btrfs root file system.


    You cannot configure a bootable partition, such as /boot, as a btrfs file system.