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1 Overview to Job Cost

Part I Job Identification

2 Overview to Job Identification

3 Create a Job Master Record

Part II Cost Code Structures

4 Overview to Cost Code Structures

5 Understand Cost Code Structures

6 Create a Cost Code Structure

7 Revise a Cost Code Structure

8 Assign Alternate Sequences

Part III Job Budgets

9 Overview to Job Budgets

10 Work with an Original Budget

11 Change an Original Budget

12 Lock a Budget

13 Enter a Budget Revision

14 Spread Budget Amounts

Part IV Job Schedules

15 Overview to Job Schedules

16 Set Up Job Schedules

17 Download Job Cost Information

Part V Job Review

18 Overview to Job Review

19 Locate a Project or Job

20 Work with a Project or Job

21 Job Cost Reports

22 Print Management Summary Reports

23 Print Job and Account Setup Reports

24 Print Detail Reports

Part VI Job Progress

25 Overview to Job Progress

26 Understand Methods of Computation

27 Work with Job Progress

Part VII Profit Recognition

28 Overview to Profit Recognition

29 Estimate Job Profit

30 Work with Estimated Profit

31 Understand Profit Recognition Journal Entries

32 Work with Profit Recognition Journal Entries

Part VIII Job Closing

33 Overview to Job Closing

34 Close Jobs

35 Job Purging

36 Supplemental Information

37 Set Up Data Types

38 Enter Supplemental Information

39 Review Supplemental Information

40 Print Supplemental Data Reports

Part IX Draw Processing

41 Overview to Draw Processing

42 Generate a Draw Report

43 Revise the Draw

Part X System Setup

44 Overview to System Setup

45 Set Up System Constants

46 Define Automatic Accounting Instructions

47 Set Up Next Numbers

48 Understand User Defined Codes for Job Cost

49 Revise User Defined Codes for Job Cost

50 Set Up Job Status Inquiry

51 Set Up Chart Types and Model Jobs

Part XI Processing Options

52 Job Identification Processing Options

53 Cost Code Structures Processing Options

54 Job Budgets Processing Options

55 Job Schedules Processing Options

56 Job Review Processing Options

57 Job Progress Processing Options

58 Profit Recognition Processing Options

59 Job Closing Processing Options

60 Draw Processing Processing Options

61 System Setup Processing Options