Upgrade Guide for UNIX


How This Guide Is Organized

Naming and Typographical Conventions in This Guide

Revision History

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Planning an Upgrade

Overview of the Upgrade Process

Supported Upgrade Paths

Nonstandard Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrades from Release 7.x to Release 7.5

Before You Start

Useful Resources

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Data Migration Considerations

Changes to the Siebel Data Model

Access Control


Party Model

Columns Added to the S_SRC_PAYMENT Table

HTML Attachments Migrated to Content Base Tables

Application-Specific Data Migration Considerations

Siebel Tables Modified or Populated with Seed Data

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Preupgrade Tasks

Before You Begin

Preparing a Database for Upgrade

Preparing to Import the New Customer Repository

Verifying Database Sort Order

Saving All Pending Changes

Backing Up the Development or Production Database

Saving Interface Table Data

Securing AIX Memory Allocation Segment Space

Identifying and Resolving Duplicates

Preparing Mobile and Dedicated Users for the Upgrade

Upgrading Your RDBMS Software

Verifying Database Server Configuration

Oracle Database Server Configuration

DB2 Universal Database Server Configuration

Preparing the Database for a DB2 Upgrade

Creating DB2 Temporary Tablespaces and Bufferpools

Increasing DB2 4-KB Tablespace

Increasing DB2 16-KB Tablespace

Creating DB2 32-KB Tablespace and Bufferpool

Increasing DB2 32-KB Tablespace

Determining Tablespace Page Size for DB2 UDB

Verifying Installation of the DB2 UDB Application Development Client

Preparing Tables for Upgrade

Preparing Development Environment Repositories

Preparing Production Environment Repositories

Recording Dock Objects and Visibility Rules

Preparing Application Data for Upgrade

Preparing Siebel eChannel Data for Upgrade

Preparing Siebel eConfigurator Data for Upgrade

Preparing Forecasting Data for Upgrade

Preparing Quotes Data for Upgrade

Preparing Siebel Financial Services Data for Upgrade

Next Steps After Preupgrade Tasks

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Upgrading the Siebel eBusiness Application

Installing Siebel Tools on the Development Workstations

Upgrading Siebel Gateway and Siebel Servers

Upgrading the Servers on Supported UNIX Platforms

Installing the Siebel Database Server Software

Installing the Siebel Web Server Extension

About the Database Server Configuration Wizard

Upgrading the Siebel Database Schema

Reviewing the Upgrade Log Files

Summarizing the Log Files

Reviewing the Log Files for Unacceptable Errors

Troubleshooting the Siebel Database Schema Upgrade

Making a Backup of the Database Repository

Adding New License Keys

Preparing the Prior Customer Repository for the Merge

Migrate Strings, Merge Labels and Fields, and Merge Templates

Automatic Upgrade of Copied Objects

Configuration Steps for Upgrade Inheritance

Performing a Repository Merge

Conflict Resolution for the Repository Merge

Troubleshooting the Repository Merge

Generating EIM Temporary Columns

Upgrading the Custom Database Schema

Reviewing the Upgrade Log Files

Troubleshooting the Custom Database Schema Upgrade

Restarting the Upgrade

Adding New License Keys

Next Steps After Upgrade Tasks

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Postupgrade Tasks

Postupgrade Tasks for All Environments

Dropping DB2 8-KB Tablespaces and Buffers

Manually Archiving the Log Files

Updating the File System Directory

Updating File System Attachments

Migrating Custom Columns on Obsolete Tables

Reapplying Custom Extensions and FK Columns on Obsolete Tables

Migrating Custom Business Components and Resolving Conflicts

Identifying Obsolete Objects

Generating Reporting Relationships

Setting Visibility Modes for Access Control

Resolving Duplicate EIM Mappings

Safeguarding the New Custom Repository Export File

Producing a New Custom Configuration File

Regenerating the Database Template File

Extracting Developers or Siebel Tools Clients

Testing the Upgraded Configuration

Validating Dock Objects and Rule Definitions

Running Statistics

Reorganizing the P1 Index for DB2 UDB

Resetting Database Server Configuration Parameters

Cleaning Up Your Repository Files

Additional Postupgrade Tasks for Specific Applications

Postupgrade Tasks for Call Center

Postupgrade Tasks for Enterprise Application Integration (eAI)

Postupgrade Tasks for Siebel Financial Services

Postupgrade Tasks for Siebel Life Sciences

Postupgrade Tasks for Marketing

Postupgrade Tasks for Siebel Purchase Orders

Postupgrade Tasks for Quotes

Postupgrade Tasks for Siebel Workflow

Postupgrade Tasks for Siebel eConfigurator

Upgrading to RC2 Encryption

Postupgrade Tasks for Global Deployments

Setting Up Your Environment to Support Global Time Zone

Migrating to Unicode

Upgrading Regional Servers

Upgrading Mobile and Connected Clients

Next Steps After Postupgrade Tasks

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Migrating Client Configurations

About Migrating to the Siebel Web Client

Preparing for Migration by Exposing Hidden Properties

Migrating Applets and Views

About Migrating Applet and View Customizations

About Model Applets

Migrating Customizations Using the Web Client Migration Wizard

Reviewing Applet Migration

Reviewing View Migration

Migrating Scripts

Migrating Scripts Attached to Controls

Migrating Scripts Attached to Applets

Migrating Business Component, Business Service, Application Scripts

Migrating Client-Side Interfaces

Migrating Outbound COM Interfaces

Migrating Inbound COM Interfaces

Next Steps After Web Client Migration

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Upgrade Planning Worksheet

Team Lead Summary Worksheet

Enterprise Server Names and Directories Worksheet

Siebel Accounts, VIPs, and Static IPs Worksheet

Ports and RDBMS Details Worksheet

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Upgrading Without a Development Environment

Upgrading Without a Development Environment

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Siebel Tables Modified or Seeded by Upgrade

Tables Seeded During Upgrade to Release 7.5

Tables Modified During Upgrade

Tables Modified During Upgrade from Release 6.x

Tables Modified During Upgrade from Release 7.0.x

Tables Modified During Upgrade from Release 7.5.1

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 Upgrade Guide for UNIX
 Published: 20 October 2003