Oracle WebLogic Portal ® 10g Release 3 (10.3)

Oracle WebLogic Portal 10.3 provides enterprise portal infrastructure for streamlined portal development. This framework includes a rich, graphical environment for developing portals as well as browser-based assembly tools for business experts. WebLogic Portal simplifies the production and management of custom-fit portals, allowing you to leverage a shared services environment to roll out changes with minimal complexity and effort.

How to Navigate the WebLogic Portal Documentation

The WebLogic Portal documentation set is presented here in two views: Features and Life Cycle. You can choose either view — the documentation set is the same. The features view provides a straightforward path based on feature guides. The Life Cycle view presents the documentation set through the context of the iterative portal life cycle.

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Note: Autonomy Documentation is available within the Autonomy product installation.


Supported Configurations

The Portal Life Cycle

This view of the documentation set guides you through the different stages of portal application development and management.

In each phase you use different tools and features. By viewing the documentation according to the portal life cycle, you can understand the big-picture context as well as the more detailed areas for each feature.

Note: For more information on the portal life cycle, please see the Overview.

Oracle WebCenter Analytics (for Oracle WebLogic Portal)

Oracle WebCenter Analytics delivers comprehensive reporting on activity and content usage within portals and composite applications, allowing you to know and meet user information needs.

Note: For documentation on Oracle WebCenter Analtyics (for Oracle WebCenter Interaction), see Oracle WebCenter Analytics.

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