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Oracle® X6 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Oracle Hardware Management Pack Utilities

The following table lists and describes the Oracle Hardware Management Pack utilities. The utilities work with most supported operating systems. Additionally, utility commands can be scripted to support multiple servers, as long as the servers are of the same type.

Note -  Oracle Hardware Management Pack includes components that are not included in this guide. Refer to the Oracle Hardware Management Pack documentation for more comprehensive information.
CLI Tool
Preserve BIOS settings and some service processor settings.
Update Oracle ILOM and BIOS; or query, update, and validate firmware versions on supported SAS storage devices, embedded SAS storage controllers, SAS storage expanders, storage drives, InfiniBand controllers, and Fibre Channel controllers.
View or create RAID volumes on storage drives that are attached to RAID controllers.
Restore, set, and view Oracle ILOM settings, such as network management, clock configuration, and user management settings.
Monitor system health.
After loading the requisite driver, use Oracle Hardware Management Pack to read sensor data repository (SDR) data and display other information about the server. You can also get and set LAN configuration parameters and perform chassis power control operations.
Read information about the server indicator and sensor readings from the system event log; or set the location indicator.
Configure Oracle ILOM to forward SNMP traps to the host.