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Oracle® X6 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Software Release Overview

A software release is a server-specific set of downloadable files (patches) containing the available firmware, software, hardware drivers, tools, and utilities for the server. All of these files have been tested together and verified to work with your server.

You should update your server firmware and software as soon as possible after a new software release becomes available. Software releases often include bug fixes, and updating your server ensures that it has the latest firmware and software.

The ReadMe document that is included with each patch in a software release contains information about the patch, such as what has changed or not changed from the prior software release, as well as bugs that are fixed with the current release.

The server product notes identify the software releases supported on your server.

Software Release Components

Each software release includes one or more downloadable files (patches). The following table describes the patches and identifies the tools that can be used to install each.

  • For more information about the operating system command-line application, see your operating system documentation.

  • Some patches might have files that can't be updated using the tools indicated in this table. Review the ReadMe file included with the patch before attempting to install an update.

Patch Name
Oracle ILOM
Oracle Hardware Management Pack
Updates for system firmware,including Oracle ILOM, BIOS, and hardware device firmware.
Operating system command-line application
Updates for diagnostic tools, including Oracle VTS. For more information, refer to http://www.oracle.com/pls/topic/lookup?ctx=OracleVTS7.0.
Operating system command-line application
Updates for tools, drivers, and utilities for a specific operating system. For example, the Windows OS Pack might include an update to Oracle Hardware Management Pack and an LSI MegaRAID driver for Windows Server 2012.
An OS Pack is available for each supported operating system version.
Oracle ILOM
Oracle Hardware Management Pack
Operating system command-line application
All available updates, except updates to Oracle VTS. This patch includes the Firmware Pack, all OS Packs, and server-related documentation.