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Oracle® X6 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

BIOS Setup Utility Tasks

The following table details the tasks you can perform using the BIOS Setup Utility.

View general information about the server, including the system date and time, total memory, USB device inventory, baseboard management controller status and firmware revision, system serial number, and CPU and DIMM information.
Define an Administrator password for entering the BIOS Setup Utility.
View and configure processor, memory, and USB settings; enable or disable Trusted Computing and PXE boot.
Change baseboard management controller network settings.
If the server is equipped with a RAID Internal HBA and it is booted in UEFI Boot Mode, the Advanced menu also provides access to a RAID configuration utility.
Enable and disable Option ROMs.
Configure PCIe subsystem and I/O virtualization settings.
Set the boot mode to UEFI Boot Mode or Legacy BIOS Boot Mode.
Enable or disable Persistant Boot Support.
Configure the Boot Option Priority list.
Exit the BIOS Setup Utility after optionally saving your changes; or restore the BIOS Setup Utility optimized default settings.