When a repository item is modified, its item descriptor broadcasts locally a PropertiesChangedEvent. This event can be one of the following types:

Event Type



the item was removed in this transaction


properties of an item changed in this transaction


the item was newly added to the database


some application code called the removeItemFromCache method

In addition to its type, a PropertiesChangedEvent contains the following:




The item that is changed. This is set to null if the item that was modified is not currently in the cache. In that case, look at the repositoryId property for the identity of the item that was changed.


The repository ID of the item that is changed.


The item descriptor of the item that is changed.


A Map where the keys are RepositoryPropertyDescriptors and the values are the new property values. If all properties have changed (or might have changed), a null value is returned for the properties map. Returned only for UPDATE events.

If you have a component that you want to be notified when repository item properties change, it can implement the atg.repository.PropertiesChangedListener interface. You can add your PropertiesChangedListener implementation to the atg.repository.ItemDescriptorImpl returned by the repository.getItemDescriptor() method, with the method ItemDescriptorImpl.addPropertiesChangedListener.

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