To enable batch mode external caching:

  1. Make sure you have configured your repositories to use external caching. See Configuring Repository Items for External Caching.

  2. Initialize the /atg/adapter/gsa/externalcache/
    component. Add the /atg/adapter/gsa/
    component to the initialServices property of the /atg/dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/Initial component. For example, add the following to the configuration path for the /atg/dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/Initial component.


  3. Configure the batchingExtensions and URIPrefixesToIgnore properties of the /atg/adapter/gsa/externalcache/ExternalCacheBatchingServlet component to control which URL requests will trigger batch external caching.

    Include the filename extensions of the URLs that will trigger batch external caching in the batchingExtensions property. This property includes the jsp filename extension by default. This property is case sensitive.


    Include directory paths in the document root for your Web application that will not trigger batch external caching in the URIPrefixesToIgnore property. This property is set to null by default.


  4. Set the enableExternalCacheBatching property to true for each repository component that will use batch external caching. For example, set the enableExternalCacheBatching property of the /atg/commerce/catalog/
    component to true.

  5. If needed, adjust the externalCacheBatchInfoSize and externalCacheBatchInfoTimeout properties for each repository component that will use batch external caching.

    These properties control the number of URLs that your Web application monitors for external caching requirements and the frequency that the cached data associated with each URL is refreshed. See Repository Configuration for Batch Mode.

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