This example maps out a many-to-many relationship. It defines two item types, user and address. Each user can have many addresses. Many users may live at the same address.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE gsa-template
  PUBLIC "-//Art Technology Group, Inc.//DTD Dynamo Security//EN"

      <name>People Repository Version H</name>
      <author>Pat Durante</author>
        This template maps out a many-to-many relationship
        between user items and address items.  Each user can
        have many addresses.  Many users may live at the
        same address.

  <item-descriptor name="address">
    <table name="addr_tbl" type="primary" id-column-names="address_id">
        <property name="street" data-type="string"/>
        <property name="city" data-type="string"/>

    <table name="user_address_tbl" type="multi" id-column-names="addr_id">
        <property name="users" column-names="user_id" data-type="set"

  <item-descriptor name="user" default="true">
    <table name="usr_tbl" type="primary" id-column-names="id">
        <property name="id" data-type="string"/>
        <property name="name" column-names="nam_col" data-type="string"/>
        <property name="age" column-names="age_col" data-type="int"/>

    <table name="user_address_tbl" type="multi" id-column-names="user_id">
        <property name="addresses" column-names="addr_id" data-type="set"
SQL Statements
drop table addr_tbl;
drop table user_address_tbl;
drop table usr_tbl;

CREATE TABLE addr_tbl (
     address_id        VARCHAR(32)      not null,
     street            VARCHAR(32)      null,
     city              VARCHAR(32)      null,
     primary key(addr_id)
CREATE TABLE user_address_tbl (
     addr_id            VARCHAR(32)     not null references addr_tbl(address_id),
     user_id            VARCHAR(32)     not null references usr_tbl(id),
     primary key(addr_id, user_id)

CREATE INDEX user_address_tbl_user_idx ON user_address_tbl(user_id);

CREATE TABLE usr_tbl (
     id                 VARCHAR(32)     not null,
     nam_col            VARCHAR(32)     null,
     age_col            INTEGER     null,
     primary key(id)

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