You can invoke the Cache Invalidator Client from a command shell as follows:

java -Datg.adapter.gsa.invalidator.uri=
atg.adapter.gsa.invalidator.GSAInvalidatorClient /repository-path
[ item-descriptor-name | repository-item-id ]

The Cache Invalidator action is initiated by performing a RMI call to the GSAInvalidatorService.invalidate() method. The RMI call is made by executing the GSA Invalidator Client, which is supplied one or more of the following arguments:




Required, the Nucleus path of the SQL repository

If this is the only argument, then the cache is invalidated for the entire repository.


Optional, invalidates all items of this item type.


Optional, invalidates a specific item from the repository.

You can enable additional debugging messages by setting the property loggingDebug=true in the following components:

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