Create an asset purge function to delete unneeded repository items that accumulate in your Web application. Oracle ATG Web Commerce includes a user profile asset purge function by default. Add a new asset purge function if you need to delete a different type of repository item.

Administrator users can run the asset purge function that you create as needed by the Web application. See information about using an asset purge function in Purging Repository Items.

The asset purge feature of Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides a development framework in which you can create your own purge features. The framework selects repository items and passes them through a processor pipeline that you configure. See information about this process in Asset Purge Process Overview.

To create an asset purge function:

  1. Configure the set of components that select repository items for purging. See Configuring Asset Condition Components.

  2. Configure the set of components that evaluate additional conditions and perform additional actions. See Configuring Related Condition Components and Configuring Related Action Components.

  3. Configure the set of components that handle the basic operations of the purging process. See Configuring Basic Purging Components.

  4. Configure components to handle any additional processing that is required to delete the repository items. For example, if you need to remove references to a repository item from other repository items, you may need to add a processing component. See Configuring Additional Processing Components.

  5. Configure the asset purge pipeline with the components for your asset purge function. See Configuring the Asset Purge Pipeline.

  6. Configure a link to your asset purge function on the asset purge user interface page. The asset purge user interface page in the Dynamo Server Admin holds links to each asset purge function. See Configuring the Asset Purge User Interface.

The following sections provide examples that implement an asset purge function that deletes organization repository items. Organizations are entities that can include groups of user profiles and information such as addresses and methods of payment. In actual use, you may not accumulate large numbers of unneeded organization repository items. Use the example configurations as a template to develop your own asset purge functions.

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