You may need to configure your asset purge function to perform additional operations before it deletes repository items. For example, if other repository item records contain references to the items that you are deleting, you may need to remove those references. Configure additional processing components in your asset purge function if you need to perform operations before deleting repository items.

To configure an additional processing component:

  1. Create a pipeline processor component to perform the additional operations for each repository item that is handled by the asset purge function. Base the component on a subclass of atg.purge.pipeline.processor.RepositoryItemPurgeProcessor. Override the runProcess method and include your own action in the method body.

    See an example of a subclass of RepositoryItemPurgeProcessor that overrides the runProcess method in Adding a Pipeline Processor for Related Actions. You can add operations that are required by your asset purge function in the same way that you would for related actions. If your asset purge function also includes related actions, you can insert the required operations in the pipeline processor along with those related actions.

  2. Include your new pipeline processor component in the asset purge pipeline. See Configuring the Asset Purge Pipeline.

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