<!ELEMENT primary-item-descriptor-link (link-via-id | link-via-property+)>

Parent: <contributing-item-descriptor>

The <primary-item-descriptor-link> tag specifies how to link items in contributing item descriptors to items in the primary item descriptor, by embedding a <link-via-id> tag or one or more <link-via-property> tags:

  • If the primary-item-descriptor-link tag encloses a <link-via-id> tag, the repository ID of the item is used for linking.

  • If the primary-item-descriptor-link tag encloses a <link-via-property> tag, a unique item property specified in the link-via-property tag is used for linking.


In the first example, the contributing item descriptor’s items are linked to the primary item descriptor’s items by the common repository ID of the items:


In the next example, a primary item is linked to an item in this contributing item descriptor if two conditions are true:

This is useful when no one property in the primary item descriptor or the contributing item descriptor is uniquely valued. The relationships are AND’d together.

  <link-via-property primary="firstName" contributing="userFirstName"/>
  <link-via-property primary="lastName" contributing="userLastName"/>

See Link Methods for more information.

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