Use the profile asset purge function to remove unnecessary user profile repository items from your Web application. See instructions for using an asset purge function in Purging Repository Items. The following table describes the asset conditions that are configured for the profile asset purge function.

Asset Condition


Anonymous users

Oracle ATG Web Commerce creates anonymous user profiles when a site visit is not associated with any registered user profile. This condition selects anonymous user profile repository items.

Registered users

Registered users have created a user profile for your Web application. For example, they have entered a username and set a password. This condition selects registered user profile repository items.

Inactive for more than [text box] days (based on last activity)

Oracle ATG Web Commerce records activity such as site visits for user profiles. A user profile is inactive for the period of time between the most recent record of activity and the present time. This condition selects user profile repository items that have been inactive for longer than the number of days specified.

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