The following item descriptors define two item types: author and address. The author item type references the address item type as follows:

<!-- The "author" item type -->
<item-descriptor name="author">
  <table name="author" id-column-names="author_id" type="primary">
    <property name="name"/>
    <property name="address" item-type="address" cascade="insert,update,delete"/>

<!-- The "address" item type -->
<item-descriptor name="address">
  <table name="address" id-column-names="address_id" type="primary">
    <property name="streetAddress"/>
    <property name="city"/>
    <property name="state"/>
    <property name="zip"/>

Given these definitions, whenever an author type repository item is created, added, updated, or deleted, the same actions apply to the corresponding address repository item.

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