Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: May 2015

About Migrating an Oracle Solaris System Into a solaris Non-Global Zone

An existing Oracle Solaris 11 system can be directly migrated into a solaris brand zone on an Oracle Solaris 11 system. Use the zonep2vchk and zfs commands on the source system to prepare for migration and archive the system image. Use the zonecfg and zoneadm commands to configure and install the archive in the destination zone on the target system.

The following restrictions apply to migrating a global zone to a non-global zone:

  • The global zone on the target system must be running an Oracle Solaris 11 release that is equal to or higher than the original source host.

  • To ensure that the zone runs properly, the target system must have the same or a later version of required operating system packages. Other packages, such as packages for third-party products, can be different.

For more information, see the zonep2vchk(1M), zfs(1M), zonecfg(1M), and zoneadm(1M), and solaris(5) man pages.