Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: May 2015

Shutting Down, Halting, Rebooting, Uninstalling, Cloning, and Deleting Non-Global Zones Task Map

For Instructions
Shut down a zone.
The shutdown procedure is used to cleanly shutdown a zone by running the shutdown scripts. The zlogin method is also supported. See How to Use zlogin to Shut Down a Zone for more information.
Halt a zone.
The halt procedure is used to remove both the application environment and the virtual platform for a zone. The procedure returns a zone in the ready state to the installed state. To cleanly shut down a zone, see How to Use zlogin to Shut Down a Zone.
Reboot a zone.
The reboot procedure halts the zone and then boots it again.
Uninstall a zone.
This procedure removes all of the files in the zone's root file system. Use this procedure with caution. The action is irreversible.
Provision a new non-global zone based on the configuration of an existing zone on the same system.
Cloning a zone is an alternate, faster method of installing a zone. You must still configure the new zone before you can install it.
Rename a non-global zone.
Use this procedure to rename a zone by using the zoneadm command.
Delete a non-global zone from the system.
Use this procedure to completely remove a zone from a system.