Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: May 2015

rootzpool Resource

The rootzpool resource is a dedicated ZFS storage pool for a zone. The entire zone installation is encapsulated into its own dedicated ZFS storage pool. This ZFS storage pool will be composed of shared storage resources.

The rootzpool resource must specify at least one storage property. Multiple storage properties can be specified to describe redundant ZFS storage pool configurations. Note that there can be only one rootzpool resource per zone configuration.

The ZFS storage pool name for a rootzpool resource will be automatically assigned as zonename_rpool. The name cannot be changed. The rootzpool resource is managed by using the following zonecfg subcommands from the global resource scope:

zonecfg:zonename> add rootzpool
zonecfg:zonename:rootzpool> add storage URI string
zonecfg:zonename:rootzpool> end

zonecfg:zonename> remove rootzpool

zonecfg:zonename> select rootzpool storage=URI string

zonecfg:zonename> info rootzpool