Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: May 2015

Utilities That Do Not Work or Are Modified in Non-Global Zones

Utilities That Do Not Work in Non-Global Zones

The following utilities do not work in a zone because they rely on devices that are not normally available:

SPARC: Utility Modified for Use in a Non-Global Zone

The eeprom utility can be used in a zone to view settings. The utility cannot be used to change settings. For more information, see the eeprom(1M) and openprom(7D) man pages.

Allowed Utilities With Security Implications

If allowed-raw-io is enabled, the following utilities can be used in a zone. Note that security considerations must be evaluated. Before adding devices, see Device Use in Non-Global Zones, Running Applications in Non-Global Zones, and Privileges in a Non-Global Zone for restrictions and security concerns.

  • cdrecord (see the cderecord(1) man page).

  • cdrw (see the cdrw(1) man page).

  • rmformat (see the rmformat(1) man page).